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This is just a sample of the hundreds of ideas that lurk on my writing desk. Watch this space!


Margaritas and Magnolias
Literary fiction novel in progress.

Maggie Stewart’s life was built around caring for her chronically ill daughter, Juniper, and Juniper’s daughter Evie. Juniper’s death followed by her husband, Dale’s, swift beginning of a romantic relationship with one of Juniper’s friends has left Maggie feeling abandoned and angry. All she wants to do is take her “real” family back to Gulf Shores, Alabama, to a place where she and Juniper loved. For reasons he won’t share, Dale won’t come with Maggie to Gulf Shores or allow her to take Evie unless she also invites his new girlfriend. From the replacement of her oldest neighbour, Beulah, with a single woman who practices witchcraft in her backyard, to the restructuring of Maggie’s work position at the hospital, to the chopping down of the Hog Hickory trees in her backyard, everything in Maggie’s life appears to be moving on without her or her consent. When she’s issued with a warning from the city over the trees she didn’t want cut down in the first place, she decides enough is enough. The only time a Southern woman is helpless is when her nails are wet, and even then she can still pull a trigger. Maggie begins to retake her life one piece at a time beginning with the town office and sets of a chain of events that not only changes her but the city itself.

Completed and seeking a publisher.

Urban Fantasy meets Paranormal Romance- Noah Hernandez works for the Larkspur Werewolf Sanctuary in Maine as both a mentor and a guide to newly Enlightened individuals. Werewolves, vampires, the fey, and the other Enlightened work with, are married to, and obey the laws of the Unenlightened human race who won’t see them. Not can’t, won’t. When several unsanctioned awakenings into the Enlightened world begin to occur in Larkspur, Noah is charged with bringing the responsible party to justice. When he discovers that the party is not only Unenlightened herself, but also his lifemate, he must choose between the laws designed to protect his people and what he knows is right.

Short Story Collections

In The Phone Booth
Completed and seeking a publisher.

Speculative Fiction short story collection- in a world of double identities where superheroes are real, In the Phone Booth explores the spaces in life where a person sheds one identity to become someone else. From magic handbags that can produce whatever is needed whenever it is needed to a museum where the lives and deeds of superheroes are rearranged and re-imagined to engage an audience, in this collection the places between identities is the only place left to decide who you really are without the masks.

Short Stories

Watch This Space
I'm always writing something, nothing that I'm ready to share right now.

Who knows what will engage my creativity next?

Articles Etc.

"Writing Against The Canon"
Exploring identity grouping within the English literary canon.

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Voices From The Void
December 2019: A Yule Converstaion With Dr DeAnn Bell

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