Writing Desk
Some of the projects that I am working on


Normal Deviation
I am editing a short story anthology based on a weird photograph. The anthology is to be published by Wonder Box Publishing in Spring 2018. Wonder Box Publishing is based in North Wales in the United Kingdom.

The maximum length for submissions is 6000 words. There is no minimum length. No more than one submission per author should be submitted. Please list your first two ideas on your manuscript after your byline so that we can track the deviations, and include a short introduction to your piece.

Deadline for submissions is August 31st 2017.

See the Normal Deviation Web site for further information and submission instructions.

This is my latest foray into paranormal romance. having previously only written literary or pagan based pieces, this has been a challenge.


Articles & Short Stories

Sage Woman & Witches&Pagans
I have been writing and submitting a series of essays and articles to the US magazines Sage Woman and Witches&Pagans. Take a look at their website here.

Margaritas and Magnolias
A short story for Normal Deviation.